Campus / News / May 20, 2009

Knox College awards chart


Illinois State Academy of Science Awards

Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology Division—seniors Jamie Hadac, Megan Brady and Michelle Darrow

Environmental Science Division— senior Clint Moore

Health Sciences Division—seniors Kathleen Beeson and Sarah West

Microbiology Division— senior Oliwka Zurek


Nick Adams Short Story Contest

Finalists— senior Adam Soto and sophomore Sam Martone

Davenport Poetry Awards

First— senior Meredith Noseworthy

Second— senior Bryce Parsons-Twesten

Third— freshman Annie Pittman

Honorable Mentions

Junior Jenna Dercole, freshman Zoe Foote, sophomore Sam Martone

Davenport Fiction Awards

First—“Half a Dozen Fires Burning” by junior Ashley Gonzales

Second—“A Collective Approach” by senior Adam Soto

Third—“Hangman” by sophomore Sam Martone

Proctor Fenn Sherwin Award Winner

“On Film” by senior Donald Rogers

Tarbell and Kimble Awards


First— junior Laura Miller

Runner-up— senior Deana Rutherford


First— junior Sarah Colangelo, seniors Jacque Henrikson, Patrick Herlihey, LaVar Merrell, junior Kim Marciniak, seniors Chris Mouzakitis, Laurie Nowak, Devlin Reem, Deana Rutherford, junior Evan Temchin, sophomores Liz Thomas, and Amanda White as the Knox News Team, members of Marilyn Webb’s In-Depth Reporting class in Fall 2008.

Runners-up— seniors Christopher Mouzakitis and Deana Rutherford

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