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Spicy quesadilla

-1 soft tortilla

-1/2 cup chicken or steak

-1 cup cheese

-green peppers (red or jalapeno may also be used)

-green onions (if available, otherwise use white onions)

-1 spoonful salsa



-celery seed

-cayenne pepper (more spicy) or black pepper (less spicy)

If using chicken, order a grilled breast from the grill. Get steak when

the flat-iron steak is an option.


Get some chicken or steak from the stir-fry bar, or chicken from the pizza bar. Put chicken/steak in a bowl with a little bit of water and cumin. Cover the bowl with a small plate and steam in the microwave for

45 seconds (this is going to make the bowl HOT).

Add meat to a tortilla, along with cheese (cheddar or mozzarella— Robert likes a bit of both), peppers, onions, and a spoonful of salsa. Add spices as desired— he uses 1 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp paprika, and a dash of celery seed and pepper. Fold the tortilla over and place in the panini cooker for one minute or until panini marks are clearly visible and the cheese is melted.

Robert Cashen

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