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Heather Kopec welcomes freshmen

Dear Incoming Students,

As you unpack your belongings, settle into your new rooms, and meet your classmates, I welcome you to Knox College! You have embarked on a magnificent journey that will be filled with experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.

During the next week, as you adjust to your experience as a Knox student, I encourage you to run for the Student Senate. Being a senator is a great way to get involved with student life and the decision-making that will make a direct impact on your Knox experience. In a nutshell, Student Senate influences nearly every aspect of life, both social and academic, at Knox. The decisions we make as a student body have tangible outcomes.

As a first-year in the fall of 2006 I was elected to Senate. Instantly I found myself involved in great debates over important resolutions and decisions. Senate really allowed me to grow as a member of the Knox community. To this day Senate has been a key part in my time as a college student, both as a senator and as a member of the Executive Board.

With that, I highly encourage you to attend the “Meet Student Senate” presentation at 7p.m. in Kresge on Sunday, Sept. 6. Here you will learn everything you need to know to run for Student Senate, as well as have the opportunity to ask the Executive Officers questions.

See you on Sunday!

Heather Kopec ‘10

Student Senate President

Heather Kopec

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