Discourse / Letters / September 3, 2009

Letter from Xavier Romano

Somehow the trajectory of your life has brought you to Galesburg and Knox College. Since 1837, faculty, staff, and students have made the journey to Knox from near and far, and from all parts of the world, just as you have done.

Knox College has a level of intellectual diversity that, I believe, is unmatched in North America. In case you haven’t yet noticed, the students are exceptionally bright, passionate, and rightfully believe that they can make a very real difference in the world. Your charge is to make a difference at Knox in a way that you see fit and in a way that makes a positive impact on your colleagues and classmates.

While Knox can be great fun and full of ideas and experiences, Knox is not always easy, nor should it be. You have come to learn, to engage, and to get frustrated from time to time. As you reflect on what you bring to the Knox community, do remember that Knox’s collegiate experience works because of our collective respect for ideas and for one another. Not always easy to be sure, but without “respect” as a community foundation, we would simply not be able to make this place called “Knox” happen. I kid you not when I say it takes us all, and that now includes you!

Welcome, once again, to Knox College. You have opted to join a collegiate community that at its heart is very human, which means that our ability to flourish and grow is a work in progress.

You now are also Knox. Welcome.

Most sincerely,

Xavier E. Romano

Vice President for Student Development

& Dean of Students

Xavier Romano

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