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Cat hair suit

I want to get into my cat hair suit and walk down into the shops. It is like going to church 40 times in 30 seconds. My cat suit is made of real cat hair. It is tan, a bit salt-and-peppery. I don’t know what breed of cat looks like this.

Sometimes I am nauseated by the cat suit. I sneeze a lot while wearing it. I fear I am allergic to cat hair. If I run into a real cat while I wear my cat hair suit, it fears me. This is how I know that I am not a real cat. I am better than a real cat. I can take my cat suit off and become a woman. I am better than a real woman. I can put on my cat hair suit.

Cleaning my cat hair suit can be a nuisance. Certainly I do not have a barbed tongue, not for a minute. I do not use cat shampoo because I am not a cat and my cat suit is not a cat, also. I use my own shampoo, but it makes my cat hair suit smell like my real hair, which can be confusing.

I want to get into my cat hair suit. It is like wearing my favorite book. It is also very much like wearing a cat hair suit. This is right. Inside of a cat suit is not like an empty desk. It is not like first birth. Every time I put on my cat suit, I am wearing a cat suit. This is right. In my cat suit, I am like a bird who has turned into a woman and who has put on a cat hair suit.

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