Campus / News / September 24, 2009

Unplugged: Knox’s wireless problem

Everyone who came to Knox this year, both freshmen and upperclassmen, met an interesting surprise when they booted up their computers to check their email. Students around campus all reacted differently when they were not immediately granted web access to the Knox-Wireless Network. Many wondered what happened and why they now had to jump so many hurdles (and, in some cases, mountains) to get their laptops and desktops connection to the internet on Knox’s all-new, totally wireless network.

“When I heard the entire campus had to go wireless, without the option of an Ethernet cord, it irritated me,” said senior desktop owner Meg Allen, “The wired was much more stable and consistent.uld be noted that Bradford is a complete surprise to everyone; I assure you that senate would not have approved the “all-wireless” initiative if they knew that Bradford was part of the package. Of course, the computer center had no reason to tell us; we just wouldn’t understand. Some also blame Sophos for ruining the wireless. I’m not convinced it’s any worse than Trend, and I’m doubtful that it’s actually hindering the network. That said, it’s just plain dumb to require Mac and Linux users to install Sophos.

The computer center could be much more effective by listening to students’ concerns and working with them, rather than working against them in the name of protecting students from themselves. On the other hand, any student fed up with trying to work with the computer center can pay one hundred dollars to have a wired connection in his or her room.

JC Weinberg

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