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Chicago fails to reach gold

I am sorry to all the fans of Chicago. Rio de Janeiro is a better city in many ways. We will forget about the other cities and just focus on Rio v. Chicago. Rio looks better, both in people and scenery. This might be a harsh realization for most of you. Crime is a big debate between the two cities. Rio does have a bigger crime problem, but Chicago is near the top in crime in United States. But besides these minor downfalls there are other reasons why it’s better being in Rio.

The wind becomes a pain in Chicago. It’s going to affect many sports. A city that can host both the winter Olympics and the summer Olympics should never host. They don’t have just one type of weather. Rio de Janeiro is always great weather. Rio also cools down during the Olympic months, to an average of 70 degrees. Just imagine a strong cold front from Canada rolling through in the middle of the Olympics. It would be a disaster. It rains more during the summer in Chicago while Rio dries out during the summer.

Many people are happy to see Chicago lose because monetarily it’s a “drain” on the economy. I will neither agree nor disagree with this. Many are using this failure to attack the president. This is a false blame because all the other countries’ leaders went to Copenhagen to fight for their city. And a quick trip doesn’t take two months like it did in the 1700’s. Obama can keep in touch while on his two- or three-day trip. It’s not like he has any pressing need to finish legislation.

The reason I am glad Chicago is not hosting the Olympics is not an economic reason or any other reason, but a problem that Chicago’s infrastructure couldn’t handle it. Most Chicago citizens would complain if they had to go through the roadwork and other construction necessary for Chicago to be able to handle the influx of billions of people. On a more selfish note, I don’t want to deal with the overflow of people up in the Milwaukee area. It’s a pain enough when there are Brewers’ games or Summerfest. I am going to be more than happy seeing the athletes via satellite and not having to deal with this problem. Milwaukee’s infrastructure struggles with any event and we would never receive any money to upgrade our issue highways. Also, seeing Rio de Janeiro on a daily basis during the Olympics is going to put me in paradise. Chicago is really not that beautiful.

The main point is, it’s Rio. How can you deny this? Chicago was lacking and the Olympic committee saw this. I can’t wait to see that opening ceremony. It will top Beijing’s opening by far because they can dance. So until we go on diets, learn how to dance, fix the infrastructure, and slow down the wind, Rio wins!

John Williams

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