Campus / News / October 7, 2009

Cooking corner makes baking easier

Students who want a break from the typical Caf fare and yearning to cook their own meals now have a new resource on campus. Debbie and Tina’s Cooking Corner, located in the back of the C-Store, offers cook and bake-ware rentals. For a $15 refundable fee (refunded upon the return of the item borrowed) students can rent pots, pans, muffin tins, spatulas, and a variety of other items for up to one week.

In addition to cookware, the C-Store employees have compiled a list of recipes in a binder that students can use to prepare their favorite Grab-and-Go meals on their own. In the binder there are also recipes for meatloaf, apple crisp, and peanut butter chocolate bars. C-Store Manager Bobbi Heilander hopes that students will begin to contribute their recipes as well.

The Cooking Corner was installed last Friday. Heilander explains that the idea arose after the C-Store employees began to notice an increase in interest in cooking and baking among students. Last year, “Students were asking for more cooking items, more bake mixes, more produce,” says Heilander.

They were also requesting cookware. In response to the student desire to utilize those basement kitchens, the C-Store began to give away tin foil pans, but was soon receiving requests for other items. The idea to establish a cookware rental service blossomed.

“We thought we’d ask the faculty and staff if they had any pots or pans they’d be willing to donate,” says Heilander. The C-Store received enough items to fill three shelves, and they anticipate more, once the service becomes better known.

For now, the service is something the C-Store staff is excited about, as are many students. “We want students to be able to make whatever they want using the items in our store,” says Heilander. Indeed, the C-Store has certainly expanded their products and services to meet a wide variety of student needs. With Debbie and Tina’s Cooking Corner, students will certainly have an easier time with their kitchen exploits.

Rachel Perez

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