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Prairie Burning Questions

Dear PBQ,

Being at school is pretty great, except for one small thing: I’m always broke. The money I made off of summer camp counseling, amounts that used to last me two years, now lasts about two weeks. I’m considering asking my parents for money, but I don’t want to seem like a total leech. How do I ask for money without seeming ungrateful?

-Penniless in Post

Asking for money from your parents can be really difficult. You want to show you are independent financially as well as in your daily life. However, there are times when you just need a little extra cash for textbooks.

First of all, make sure you are asking for money only if it is necessary and related to academics. Start out by explaining the situation; you don’t want them to feel that you are leeching money off of them, but you really need a little help. As long as you bring it up in an adult manner your parents should be open to helping. Remember, they are your parents and want to make sure you succeed. Being prepared with a reimbursement plan is not a bad idea either. That will show your parents that you are really thinking the loan through, not just trying to get money. They may grab at the idea of being paid back, or just give you the money.

Whatever the result, make sure you thank them. They will love to know that you appreciate the service they are providing. In all, don’t stress. You are not asking strangers for money. You are asking the people that raised you. Do not feel that you are burdening them.


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