Discourse / Letters / October 15, 2009

Letter to the editor

I would like to bring to your attention a qualm I have concerning the past few issues of the paper. I distinctly recall, in the first TKS, being promised an update on the progression of five freshmen throughout the year. After reading the Knox 101: Orientation section of the first TKS, I immediately grew anxious for the arrival of the next issue.
“HOW GREAT IT WILL BE TO FOLLOW THESE FIVE WONDERFUL PERSONALITIES THROUGHOUT THEIR FIRST YEAR AT KNOX!” I said to myself. Well, at the arrival of the next issue of TKS, you can only imagine my disappointment upon flipping through the entire thing, only to realize that Knox 101 was absent from the collection. I cast this TKS issue aside and awaited the next one.
As the week passed by, slowly my anticipation grew. “Surely, they won’t forget this time,” I told myself. Well, today was indeed the day that my anticipation awaited. Upon seeing the TKS through the little window on my mailbox, I exclaimed “OH MY!” and proceeded to retrieve my mail (difficult as it was with all the anticipation shaking through my bones). I threw the issue open and violently tore the pages only to be disappointed once again. I went back to my room and reflected upon my anger.
I keep trying to tell myself to wait until next week. But I can’t keep enduring this disappointment. Therefore, I decided to take action and confront you about this dilemma. I hope you understand, even if only slightly, the kind of emotions surrounding this issue. I kindly ask that you either stop promising things you cannot fulfill, or simply fulfill your previous commitment.

Cherie Hartinger

Cherie Hartinger

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