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‘Make It Rain’

It is that time of year again for Knox students to fill the Box Theater to direct their own show, and this year they get to use squirt guns. Knox’s improv group is at it again, ready for back-to-back weekends of fun. This year, the show is called “Make It Rain.”

“[Every cast member] has a different sense of humor,” said senior and show director Lindsey Murrell. “I think that’s awesome.”

As usual, the eight-member cast will be playing both long and short form improv games, depending on the audience for game topics and lines. Students will be able to use a super-soaker in order to pick the game of their choice.

“It’s really audience interactive,” said Murrell. “The audience is as much a part of the show as we are.”

The cast has been practicing three days per week, two hours per practice in order to prepare for the show. They are given lessons from Murrell, who has participated in the improv shows for the past three years, then critiqued.

“I love not knowing what’s going to happen,” said Murrell.

The show is strictly improv, besides the opening and closing sketches, which are devised. The improv is more than just jokes, the cast will be trying to string a scene together, work on characterization and their physical comedy.

This year, a new element will be added to the show by lighting designer senior Ryn Flynn. She will create different scenes or moods by how she positions the lights on the cast.

“It’s going to be really cool having our lighting designer totally screw with us,” said Murrell. “Our lights are phenomenal.”

In addition to performing this week, the improv cast was asked to perform on Homecoming weekend, as well. Murrell thinks her cast is ready for opening night.

“I think we just need a good audience,” said Murrell.

This year, Murrell said 42 students auditioned for the improv cast, the biggest number of students who have auditioned for any other show this term, including the main stage production.

“I think Knox is getting funnier,” said Murrell.

Laura Miller

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