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Pi Phi speed-reads for literacy

Pi Beta Phi held their annual Speed Read this past Wednesday night in the Gizmo. The purpose of the event is to fundraise money for children who cannot buy books.

Makenzi Crouch, the vice president of philanthropy said, “Illiteracy is a big problem in America.” Pi Beta Phi hopes to help contribute to the fight against this problem through the Speed Read.

Crouch received participants by sending out letters to businesses, Greek groups on campus, and faculty members. She e-mailed clubs and set up flyers, along with tabling during meals.

She hoped for a large turnout since, “It is a fun event. It’s a chance to be silly and read fast.”

According to Pi Beta Phi member and sophomore Jenna Temkin, this was not an impossible goal. “I was impressed by the number of people there. The Gizmo was packed,” Temkin said.

Crouch also hoped to get both Greek and non-Greek participants. She said there is a bubble around different groups and it is “nice to break down those bubbles and join together.” Temkin confirmed that there were both Greek teams and non-Greek teams.

Temkin said that junior Anna Emmerling dressed up in a Cat in the Hat costume while the participants read from Cat in the Hat as fast as they could.

Pi Beta Phi members were also responsible for emceeing the event, collecting donations, watching to make sure everything was going smoothly, and supporting all participants.

The winning Speed Read team was “Too Fast, Too Furious,” a Kappa Kappa Gamma team. Second place was a Pi Beta Phi team and third place was Delta Delta Delta.

Temkin said everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. A total of $523.50 was raised from the Speed Read Wednesday evening. The goal was $350.

Jenna Temkin is a copy editor for The Knox Student

Jennifer Lloyd

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