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(Prairie) Burning Questions: Too old for clubs?

I’m an upperclassman and it seems like every club and class is geared toward recruiting younger students. Is it too late for me to get involved?

-Hopeful in Hamblin

Happily it is never too late to get involved. Clubs are geared towards pulling in the younger students because they are the ones that will know less about what activities are offered here. Most students do get involved earlier, but there is also a reasonable amount that waits until they are established in school to become part of a club.

Upperclassmen can be valuable to clubs because they know the school and can take on leadership positions easier. Also, clubs will be happy to have new upperclassmen member because you will know not to become a part of too many clubs and can focus your attention on theirs. Carnival of Clubs may seem geared towards freshmen, but there is no reason why you can not go and sign up for a club you really like. Sports related clubs are harder to come into late, especially as an upperclassmen. Since they are clubs though, you will not be pressured or expected to automatically be ahead of the younger members.

Don’t be afraid to be the new kid again. If there is a club you really want to be involved in, go for it. The club will be happy to have your experience and enthusiasm.


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