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Student Senate

Student Senate met last Thursday in the Round Room and allocated members to different task forces. Junior Gabe Paz and freshman Sara Brown were voted as members of the Trustees Alumni Hall task force while sophomores Kelly Grant and Greg Noth were elected to as student representatives to the Grievance Panel.

Senators were also updated by Paul Steenis on the MAP grant situation and informed about a rally in Springfield on October 15 in support of funding the grants. Student Senate agreed to encourage students to attend. There are 255 students at Knox who currently use MAP grants as part of their tuition payments.

The senators also voted to allocate $260 to student clubs during this meeting. A motion to burn the couches currently located in the S.S. McClure Publications Office after they were found to be infested with lice was voted down. The couches were later disinfected.

Committee Members

Campus Environment and Sustainability

Chair: Creal Zearing

Valerie Gumpertz

Kevin Quirk

Firas Suqi

Kyle Cruz

Mike Gasparro

Christine Kiplinger


Chair: Samantha Claypool

Ramya Venigalla

Natalee Young


Chair: Liesl Pereria

Gordon Barratt

Sarah Ahmed

Greg Noth

Kenton Tilford

Kathleen Podlipni

Max Galloway-Carson

Dining Services

Chair: Annika Paulsen

Kelly Grant

Justin Steele

Jagrato Roy

Bob Carney

Tyler O’Neill

Avi Seagaloff

Residential Quality of Life

Chair: Andrew Kunsak

Zack Lazar

Dan Pers

Vicky Mei

Eric Nishiyama

Kate Tanquary

Laura Jorgenson

Safety and Services

Chair: Gabe Paz

Angie Ostaszewski

Lyall Wallerstedt

Abe Dieckens-Mears

Sara Brown

Ben Boor

Rachel Perez


Chair: Chris Bugajski

Joe Garbin

Mike Herbert

Shaunak Mulani

JC Wineberg

Sara Juist

Laura Miller

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