Discourse / Editorials / October 15, 2009

Thoughts from the Embers: Cloves and state morality

On September 22, the Food and Drug Administration banned clove cigarettes. We wrote an article about it. The opinions on the topic are many and varied.

Those who support the movement claim that clove and other candy-flavored cigarrete promote the act of smoking in children. There are many, however, who point out the fact that there is already a law that bans cigarettes from children, thus, the ban on clove cigarettes is unnecessary and overly restrictive.

We know cigarettes are bad for us. We have seen the before and after pictures of lungs, we have read all the Surgeon General’s warnings, we have seen the Truth. The statistics show that smoking is far less prevalent in America than it was before all of the public health initiatives that took hold in the latter half of the century.

To outlaw certain cigarettes that pose no more of a public safety risk than regular cigarettes is a largely unwelcome imposition of secular morality on our seciety.

TKS Staff

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