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The Box preview

In this weekend’s production of The Box, the show will discuss how people relate to their past heritage and what drives them to make the decisions that they do. Directed by junior D’Angelo Smith, the short bare-stage show takes three men back in time to experience slavery, a slave auction and castration.

The men are taken back in time in order to “understand the unity they have to revolt,” said Smith.

Traditionally, the show is performed with all African – American actors, however Smith decided to change that aspect of production. Instead, he chose to cast different races, including white, Pakastani and African American actors.

The men are taken through time because they are trapped in a box, or “time capsule” that tries to show them how their inner voice controls their opinions of the world and how they can change that.

“There’s a voice. The voice lives inside all of us and controls us all the time,” said Smith. In the show, an old man makes the characters aware of this voice in order to help them make conscious decisions for themselves.

The concept of the show deals with healing between people.

“If we unify in strength, a healing process begins from the darkness,” said Smith.

In order to prepare for their roles, the actors did breathing exercises and visualized the traumatic experiences they would be acting out on the stage. These visualizations helped to “pull out the true emotions from [the actors].”

“I believe my cast truly transformed during this production within their own lives,” said Smith. “They inhabit their characters pretty well.”

Smith is ready for opening night and thinks his cast will really shine with a full audience.

Laura Miller

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