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Eric Says: Romano licensed to perform marriage

Recently, it was brought to my attention that Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Development Xavier Romano had allegedly received a license to be a priest. This is both startling and amusing, since Flunk Day would be very strange if it became a religious experience (more than it already was, anyway).

But is he a priest? Short answer: no. A slightly longer answer would be nooooooo. But, not to kill all joy from the story, there is some truth behind the original question. In order to dig into the matter, I asked Romano why he chose to be something that is not quite a priest but something mistakably close.


“I am registered with the Universal Life Church Monastery, which evidently gives me license to legally marry in most states, which is amazing. This came about as a very dear friend of mine from high school is getting married on the 24th of this month in the San Francisco Bay Area. He telephoned wanting me in the wedding, to which I said the obligatory, ‘cool.’  But he then said, ‘Not in the wedding, Xavier, I want you to DO the wedding!’

“After high school in San Diego, we were both at the University of Oregon together, so our relationship goes back a very long way.  Anyway, I asked how this was possible and he sent me the link to the Universal Life Church Monastery, which was actually rather informative and interesting. Even have a certificate. Funny thing is now I have had a couple of Knox alumni make inquiries! I dunno… maybe a weekend pursuit!?

Just wanted you to have some facts!’”

So instead of a religious Flunk Day we can now have legal weddings on campus.

However, the fact those facts are in quotes could mean there is more to the story. After reading this article, I urge everyone to ask Xavier personally what he can and cannot do with his license/certificate. I am fairly confident it will make his day just that much brighter.

Also, ask him about the going rates of marriages. I imagine they would be much cheaper than renting out a church and the Oak Room, and twice as amusing. I bet he has quite a delivery for all the mundane drivel that is normally said during weddings.

But, in conclusion, he is not a priest, Flunk Day will not change drastically, he can legally marry people, may charge money to do so on campus, and he is legally performing his first wedding on the 24th.


Eric Denson

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