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Letter to the Editor: Massive chocolate parties, sustainable newspapers

I wanted to give you a heads up about two errors (hopefully typos) in the Gizmo Quizmo of the TKS sent out today (Thursday, October 15). One was the answer to question number seven, “From what book is the following quote? ‘I can’t do without it. I munch it all day long except for a few minutes at mealtimes when I stick it behind my ear for safekeeping.’” The answer was listed as “Charlie and the Chocolate Party” when, of course, the title of the book (and the 2005 movie) is really “Charlie and Chocolate Factory.” Considering that Roald Dahl is my FAVORITE author, I felt the need to write to TKS, though I admit it would have indeed been awesome if Charlie had gone to a giant chocolate party. Perhaps it could be added to make a trilogy after the sequel “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.” I would even go see the movie.

The second error was the answer to question 5: “What is the difference between mass and weight?” TKS had the answer as, “Mass is a measurement of space taken up by an object, weight is a measurement of the gravitational pull on an object.” Volume is the measurement of the amount of space taken up by an object, whereas mass is the measure of the amount of matter in an object (though you can find more complicated definitions for it as well). Though I will admit to having a science teacher for a mom, I was pretty surprised to see such a basic science term defined incorrectly, and on Knox campus, no less! I was actually more dismayed by this error than the Chocolate Factory one, even though Roald Dahl is my FAVORITE author, so needless to say I was pretty dismayed. Isn’t this common knowledge? There is even a Wikipedia Article on ‘mass versus weight’!

Lastly, I wanted to ask why TKS is distributed to student mailboxes every week, and if there was any way to opt out. I would guess that wastes a lot of paper. I know you have a version online, so why not send out a campus e-mail every week? It would save you time, paper, and money! With the amount of time Knox students spend on the computer, it would certainly get read. If some people still wanted hard copies, at the beginning of each year you could have people request to have a paper copy delivered to their mailbox every week (you could do this by e-mail, as part of registration/orientation, through feedback forms in their mailboxes etc.). At the very least you could establish an opt-out system as opposed to an opt-in system for receiving the hard copy. I am a transfer student, and my old school used only an online version of their newspaper with much success. I hope you will consider it.

Zoe Witzeling

Class of 2012

Zoe Witzeling

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