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Student senate Oct. 15

Last week’s half-hour Student Senate meeting focused on a report given by junior Andrew Polk about the MAP rally in Springfield on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Polk presented photos of the rally that included the 40 Knox students who attended the rally, as well as several others supporting the grant’s continuation. It was announced that day that the grants would receive funding in order for them to continue throughout the year.

The committees also reported on their progress. The Residential Quality committee addressed the problem of Knox housing being at near capacity and will look over alternative housing for special-interest housing, students traveling abroad and off-campus living. The committee members will confer with other colleges about how they deal with housing issues and report back to Knox.

The Sustainability committee was also active in dealing with Green Fee requests and creating a new Green logo.

Additionally, SASS asked for $700 for a speaker while AAINA asked for $129 for a theme meal. Archery club asked Senate for $500 for new bows and arrows.

Senate meeting:


Round Room, CFA

7 p.m.

Open to all students

Laura Miller

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