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The Senate Perspective: Green Fee edition

What is the Green Fee?

The Green Fee Fund was established in 2008. $5 from the tuition of every student each term goes toward this fund, which amounts to approximately $15,000 per year. Unused funds roll over into forthcoming years.

What is the Green Fee money used for?

As the guidelines for the Green Fee fund-request states, GF money is used for “services and products which directly increase the sustainability of Knox College.” Fundamentally, the fund grants financial backing to students who want to make Knox a more sustainable, “green,” and environmentally friendly community.An example of a previously approved green fee proposal was the purchase of bikes and bike supplies to help create a bike system on campus.GF money cannot, however, be used for “food, clothing, media, speakers, trips away from campus, student reimbursement, or illegal substances.”

How do I obtain Green Fee money?

Obtaining Green Fee funding begins by filling out a proposal form and submitting this to the chair of the Student Senate Sustainability Committee (Creal Zearing). The Sustainability Committee then reviews the proposal and if approved, it will be recommended to the Student Senate for further consideration. If the Student Senate agrees to the proposal, the requested funds will be allocated to the project through the Campus Life Office.

Proposal forms are currently available outside the Senate office (Seymour basement) or from Cindy Wickliffe in the Campus Life office. Forms will soon be available online.

Who can request Green Fee funding?

ANYONE! Well, students only. You don’t have to be involved in KARES or an Environmental Studies major. The GF money is YOUR money to be used to make sustainable changes on our campus and we want to make sure it all gets used up!

Other info about the Green Fee:

Currently, the GF for this year has about $30,000 in it. The potential for projects are numerous. Small projects, large projects, all are possible. There is no limit on the amount of money you can request, so long as you mean well towards the Knox environment.

If you have questions about the GF, please contact Creal Zearing, ‘09, at, K-1670.

Creal Zearing

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