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Theme Houses plan seasonal events

We have heard a lot about theme houses in the past year, but what are they really doing now? Here is your update on what four of the five new theme houses have been doing this year, and what events they hope to organize in the future.

New theme houses this year are Co-House, Queer and Ally House, Humor House, Asian Cultural House and Tree House. Theme houses are different from permanent houses that have a theme because they have to reapply each year and are required to host a certain amount of events.

Some permanent houses that have themes are Eco House, Jazz House, ABLE and Casa Latina. In order to become a permanent residence, a theme house has to remain on campus for at least two years.


Theme: To bridge the gap between Knox and Galesburg. They try to have as much community interaction as possible by involving the people of Galesburg in their events. They want students and community members to form relationships through events. This is the second year that Co-House has existed.

Events so far: Garden club events, benefit dinner for the Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo co-hosted with Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) and Amnesty International and a bonfire with storytelling.

Future events: There will be an art show on Saturday, Nov. 7, which will be open to community and students for showing their artwork. “We’re really hoping to get some local Galesburg artists involved” said junior Tanya Novotnak.

Members: Juniors Tanya Novotnak, Helen Schnoes, Chris Bugajski, Mego Liu.

Queer and Ally House

Theme: To unite people that are part of the queer community and allies, as well as people that are not part of either. Q&A wants to educate the public and create a “safe place.” This is their first year of existence.

Events so far: The only event this term has been an open house with games. “We’ve had a few people come to us with coming out problems, which makes us feel really good,” said sophomore Michael Martinez.

Future Events: There will be a Halloween Bash and Haunted Basement on Saturday, Oct. 31. They will also have an arts and crafts event on Reading Day.

Members: Sophomores Peter Thomas, Michael Martinez, Beth McRill, Matthew Becker, Emily Young and Charles Ely.

Humor House

Theme: To provide a gathering place and rehearsal space for those interested in comedy. They hope to spread humor and make students feel more light-hearted and relaxed. This is their first year of existence.

Events so far: Cast bonding for 3 Sisters was held at Humor House.

Future Events: SPOOKYSPOOKY HALLOWEEN will be held at the Humor House on Halloween. There will also be an improvisation game event that will be run by current and past improv members on Saturday, Nov. 7.

Members: Sophomores Robert Carey, Andrew Kunsak, Avi Klein, Erin Duff, Ben Lee, Isaac Miller, Kelly Kriegshauser, Magdalene Linck, Pat Topping, Tyler O’Neil.

Asian Cultural House

Theme: To give a space for Asian cultural clubs to host events. They also want to give the campus an opportunity to learn more about Asian culture in general, as well as the separate culture represented on campus. This is their second year of existence, but according to senior Willie Ow, the residents really want to become a permanent residence. “It’s long overdue,” Ow said.

Events so far: Asian Cultural House made ice cream mochi for the campus and hosted curry night and Korean club game night. Japanese club made temaki for the campus.

Jennifer Lloyd

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