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December mini term courses

Every year, Knox offers several courses in December for students who remain on campus over winter break. These courses are three weeks long, running from Monday, Nov. 30 through Friday, Dec. 18, and offer credit for the special classes. Tuition costs $3,510 and room costs $360. Usually, the courses focus intensely on a subject that is not offered during the regular course schedule.

Mini term 2009:

ENG 295A Italian Folk Culture and modernity

Nick Regiacorte

Students will discuss Italian literature from several different mediums and explore traditions represented in folk culture.

ENG 295F and ENG 395F Magic Realism in Film

Paul Marasa

This course focuses on looking at how magic realism works within different mediums of art over several decades and

international communities.

GST/ENVS 276 Ecofeminism: The Politics and Ethics of Biopower

Magali Roy-Fequiere

Students in this course will spend time looking at the oppression and liberation of women throughout history and how that has affected their environment.

Laura Miller

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