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Knox Jazz Ensemble to perform

Director Nikki Malley anticipates a strong and unique performance from the Knox Jazz Ensemble this weekend.

“Everyone is really good,” said Malley of the ensemble. “I really like the big band.”

One distinctive feature of this upcoming concert, according to Malley, is the addition of a vocalist, senior Devan Cameron, on three songs.

“It’s been a while since we’ve really featured a vocalist,” said Malley, adding that this will be the first time a vocalist will join the band on so many songs. “Vocals make things more accessible.”

“[Devan’s] jazz phrasing is great and she’s really confident. I’m really impressed,” Malley said.

This concert will also feature a piece arranged by a student. Senior Yumi Kusunoki has been working on an arrangement of Lee Morgan’s “Ceora” since last spring.

“It’s really well done,” said Malley.

Malley mentioned that this year the band welcomed a great number of new members while still retaining several senior members. A large portion of the program was chosen to feature the talents of specific students.

“This year is really about featuring all the really outstanding individual players,” said Malley.

Sarah Colangelo

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