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Soda and humanity

I want to start by stating that I am not a writer, an avid anti-Coke activist or a person who does the right thing all the time. With that said, I do try and do what I know is right in my heart and I know that letting our campus continue to support Coca-Cola is not right. I can’t seem to comprehend why anyone could think the freedom to choose a flavored drink is more important than protecting a fellow human’s life and the environment that we all share.

I realize that Coca-Cola is not the only corporation that violates human rights and the environment, but I don’t think that should be a reason to not ban it. Instead of feeling overwhelmed because we want to ban all socially irresponsible companies at once, we should use the Coca-Cola ban as an example of how easy it is to live without these “freedoms.” No one should have the freedom to take away someone else’s rights.

I wish that I had enough faith in humanity and all the students on our campus to believe that everyone would no longer purchase Coca-Cola products if they were educated about their practices, but unfortunately I do not. Society tends to force people to forget what is really important in life. Taking care of each other and caring for our world should always mean more than having a choice of which soda to buy.

I want to challenge everyone who reads this to imagine your life if you were, or knew someone who was, directly affected by the bad decisions the Coca-Cola Company has made. Would you let this happen? If the answer is no, then join the people who are willing to give up a soda, a flavored drink, for another person’s life.

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Victoria Kassabuam

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