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Student attacked near campus

On Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009, a male Knox student was harassed while walking to his off-campus apartment near South Academy and West Knox. The attacker, a young white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, followed this student for a while before striking him to the ground and continuing to hit and kick him.

The suspect has been described as being around 5 feet 10 inches, 180 pounds and having blond hair and a brown goatee.

The student noticed the man following him and was struck when he turned to greet the man. The suspect hit his victim in the mouth and continued beating him for a time.

Afterwards, the victim said the man ran eastbound, which would have been towards the Knosher Bowl. The victim then walked onto campus and received help from fellow students.

The victim was transported to to the Cottage Hospital ER where he was treated for injuries to his face and head. He acquired several bruises from the beating, as well as swelling around his eye and a broken tooth.

The attacker did not try to steal anything from his victim. Therefore, the reason for this attack is still unknown.

After being asked to identify his attacker from a photograph line-up, the victim was unable to pinpoint a suspect. The Galesburg Police Department is still looking for the attacker.

Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf said he sent out an e-mail after the attack warning students about the incident. Since then, several students have contacted Schlaf with information and sightings of possible suspects. Schlaf has passed this information on to the Galesburg Police Department.

Schlaf praised the victim and the Knox students who assisted him for their quick reaction to the situation and timely reporting. He advises students to make use of their situational awareness when traveling alone. When walking off campus and in dark areas, he advises students travel in groups.

Schlaf asks that anyone with information about the incident contact him immediately.

Laura Miller

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