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Freshmen, transfers struggle to find housing

This year Knox accepted approximately thirty extra freshmen in addition to seven transfer students.

“It wasn’t that Knox over accepted, but more students accepted Knox,” Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Learning Craig Southern said. “Knox used to be student’s second or third choice for college, but with its growing popularity, Knox has become their number one.” 

Transfer student sophomore April Ulinski anxiously waited to hear whom her roommate was going to be. Towards the end of the summer, she still hadn’t heard anything. Fellow Knox students were posting Facebook statuses saying who their roommates were going to be. Ulinski finally received an e-mail from Southern telling her she had not been placed yet, but that she shouldn’t worry. 

Senior Katherine Williams, who was abroad for the term, suggested Ulinski room with her roommate, sophomore Maya Sharma. Ulinski emailed Southern about rooming with Sharma and Southern agreed it would be a good fit. After fall term spent rooming with Sharma in Post 10, Ulinski had to move to Elder basement. 

Ulinski believes that transfer students get the short end of the stick and having to move at the end of fall term did not help.

“You only have a limited amount of time to make life-long friends,” Ulinski said.

Ulinski also believes it is hard to get closer to her previous suitemates since she isn’t living with them. 

Freshman Autumn McGarr received an e-mail from Southern during the middle of the summer explaining the housing situation. Towards the end of the summer, McGarr received an email from Southern stating she received temporary housing for fall term due to the extra students. McGarr was placed in Drew for the duration of fall term, but winter term was placed in a single in Post 1. 

Transfer student junior Devon Blackburn was placed in Treehouse for fall term. Blackburn was lucky enough to bond with the Treehouse members and stay for the remainder of the year. 

Both McGarr and Ulinski agree that having to move half way through the year has allowed them to broaden their group of friends. They both understand it wasn’t anyone’s fault, although Ulinski advises that Knox should be “careful not to over enroll,” in the future. Southern stated, “Knox does not plan to grow. We plan to stay at 1,360.”

Amanda White

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