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Parking procedures during snow emergencies

The City of Galesburg established a “Snow Emergency” Ordinance several years ago, which was drafted and ultimately approved to encourage persons to remove vehicles from public streets so that snowplows could remove snow more effectively (rather than plow around vehicles parked on the streets). The Snow Emergency is declared by the Public Works Street Department when there are two inches of snow on the ground and it continues to snow. Unless otherwise canceled, the Snow Emergency declaration remains in effect for a 12-hour period. Persons may return their vehicles onto street parking locations provided that “both sides” of the street have been cleared/plowed.

There are occasions where the circumstances caused the Snow Emergency to be declared later in the evening or in the early morning hours. This is why it is important to monitor winter weather reports, which generally issue “watches” and “warnings” well in advance of an approaching winter storm. While enforcement of the Snow Emergency by the Galesburg Police Department will generally not start until several hours after the declaration, a later night or early morning announcement may result in tickets being issued. In that regard, Galesburg residents have been encouraged to move to off-street location prior to the arrival of the storm to avoid the ticketing process.

In an effort to assist the Knox Students, the Department of Campus Safety will generally issue e-mail reminders to the campus regarding the need to monitor approaching winter storms and encourage the movement onto Knox College parking areas to avoid tickets. In a related area, Students have also been reminded to remove any vehicles parked on public streets PRIOR to departing for winter break to ensure that such vehicles are not tickets and/or towed during the winter break period.

Officers also monitor available parking spaces during Snow Emergency conditions and can advise available locations. While the college lots fill more quickly during a Snow Emergency, there are adequate parking spaces available for those willing to park in lots that may be a greater distance from those normally used. Campus Safety will also assist students forced to walk the extra distances during these periods. Students are encouraged to call Campus Safety (309-341-7979) with any other storm related questions or concerns.

It is also important to note that every effort should be made to move a vehicle even if it has been ticketed and “plowed around.” Vehicles that remain on the street in violation of the original Emergency declaration may next be subject to towing as part of the effort to clear the streets. Generally, vehicles that remain on the roadway for 72 hours after the Snow Emergency with evidence that they have been at that location during the declaration period are then subject to additional ticketing and towing. Once towed, the vehicles remain impounded until towing and daily storage fees have been paid. Towing fees may vary but are now estimated at $65 to $75 and storage fees are estimated at a minimum of $25 daily; the Snow Emergency tickets are now $40.00.

Campus Safety will have Officers on duty 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions.

John Schlaf

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