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Possible redistricting of elections initiated

In a short first meeting of the term, student senate met in the Round Room of CFA to discuss a short list of issues, the most significant of them being the creation of a committee to investigate possibilities of changing the way Senate elections are held.

Brought to the floor by Vice President Trevor Sorenson, the committee would be charged with exploring alternatives to the current location-based district system. One possibility mentioned was allocating spots equally between student classes in a more senatorial design of representation. Sorenson argued that specific housing concerns were better addressed through contacting facilities than bringing them to Senate.

“This change would make Senate more competitive, more representative of students, and senators more accountable for their actions overall,” Sorenson said.

The effort was met with positive and hesitant responses.

“I think that investigating the role of Student Senate in relation to students as a whole is worthy,” student senate President Heather Kopec said, “but a complete restructuring for next year might be out of place at this time.”

Senate was also given an update on the renovations made to the WVKC studio and facilities, which the chamber had allocated additional funds to towards the end of last term.

The Senate Treasurer was unable to provide an exact figure on the remaining discretionary fund at the meeting due to funds being returned from last term, though over $50,000 was left as of the last meeting.

Andrew Polk

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