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Death penalty at The Box

On January 12, Knox’s chapter of Amnesty International opened an exhibition of a photo documentary featuring capital punishment in America at The Box.

The photographer, Scott Langley, chronicles the death penalty over the last ten years. His documentary presents images of mourning families as their loved ones are executed, empty rooms where the executed spend their final days, and protesters at anti-death penalty rallies. Photographs accompany statistics and information regarding the death penalty.

Tuesday night attendees found the photos to be thought provoking. Junior Gabe Paz was impressed with the photographer’s ability to “evoke an emotional response.” Sophomore Eve Sackett thought the images provided the viewers with a “meaningful context” of the topic. “It’s powerful to see the story behind the photo,” said Sackett.

Amnesty International treasurer Ben Boor gave a brief speech giving an overview and presenting a discussion of the implications of capital punishment in America.

The exhibition will be hosted at The Box until January 24. The Box is located at the corner of Kellog and Simmons. Scott Langley’s photography can also be viewed at

Rachel Perez

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