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Rep Term: Where have your friends gone?

Repertory Term is a very important part of the Knox College Theater department, which occurs every three years. For the whole term, every student and professor involved will work on two plays. The chosen plays for the term are the two parts of “Angels in America,” by Tony Kushner, “Millennium Approaches,” and “Perestroika”.

Ivan Davidson, Robert Whitlatch, and Peter B. Young created Rep Term in 1970. The idea behind Rep Term is to give theater students a real-world immersion into the work required for theater. Rep Term students take three classes in the theater department. Participating students are not exclusively theater majors and minors. In fact, many participants this year are from other departments.

Students take classes that focus on costume, stage work, and acting. They learn all aspects of theater including the history and time period of the plays they are performing.

Well-known writer Sherwood Kiraly is one of the instructors for this year’s Rep Term. Other professor that are a part of Rep Term include professor and chair of the theater department Neil Blackadder, professor Elizabeth Carlin Metz, visiting professor Kelly Hogan and associate professor Craig Choma.

Head of Publicity for Rep Term, senior Lindsey Murrell is very excited about some of the new ways for Knox Students to follow the progress of Rep Term. They have a blog, twitter account and Facebook fan page specifically dedicated to Rep Term. Murrell is particularly looking forward to the “Real World confessional” that will be posted on the Facebook fan page. The confessional will be videos from students and professors talking about how the day in Rep Term went. As Murrell says, it will be so students can, “see friends that have disappeared into the depths of CFA.”

Jennifer Lloyd

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