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The TKS editorial board through the years

The staff of The Knox Student was asked to recall memories of their past since the dawn of the new millennium.

Laura — 2000 — Age 13

Favorite music: N’Sync and Eifle 65 “Blue.” My friends and I had a dance to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.”

Favorite store in the mall: Claire’s for earrings.

Biggest change since then: Cell phones. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 16, and it only had 45 minutes and no texting.

Annie — 2007 — Age 18

I graduated, and I was playing guitar and singing for a 70s cover band called “Black Swan Theory.” I also got my first tattoo — it’s the name of a Neil Young song. And then I came to Knox in the Fall.

Evan — 2006 — Age 18

I produced my school’s first full color yearbook in only 3 months. I was the Editor-in-Chief, working 18 hours a day in the basement. The yearbook was okay. We were using Page Maker.

Jenn — 2000 — 6th Grade

I started at a new school and began playing field hockey. I also started assistant teaching basic computer skills to kids. I also started in community theater that year and really began focusing on my art. There were a lot of beginnings that year. I also discovered Nirvana and Shakespeare in Love.

Colin — 2007-8 — Age 18-19

I was working for the Obama campaign in 18 or 19 counties in Illinois, and I lived in Davenport for 3 weeks leading up to the caucus. I was listening to a lot of Boston and Bruce Springsteen. I went and saw back-to-back Springsteen concerts.

Sheena — 2007 — Age 16

That summer I was in China with my school band playing for the Beijing International Youth Music Festival. I played piccolo on the Great Wall, and my band did the wave.

Ben — 2005 — Age 15

I moved to Colorado and started DJing at the local radio station. I was also playing lead guitar in a garage band (well, we practiced in a basement). We never did come up with a name, and we only played one concert, but it was fun anyway. We recorded our songs using an old cassette deck on a karaoke machine. My favorite movie at the time was the Matrix, and I was listening to a lot of Green Day, Nirvana, and Rammstein.

TKS Staff

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