Arts & Culture / Mosaic / Student Research / January 21, 2010

Jen Milius works to create a new typing style

I’m designing a typeface— or font, as they’re more commonly known.

Most people are startled or look confused when I tell them that, because most of us never stop to think about what we’re reading, literally.

What are those forms, who designed them (because they were definitely designed), and why are they so invisible to us? The most challenging part of this project is that it’s a creative project. Furthermore, it’s one not many people tend to tackle, at least in this century.

The multi-step process is also quite meticulous: I’m drawing it by hand so that I can digitize it later, and eventually put it to use.

Taking all of that into consideration, I’ve decided on designing only one face with one style and one weight (so no bold or italic variations). With all sorts of intricate details to work out, fonts sometimes take years to design.

I’d love to continue working on this one after graduation. At the very least I’m hoping that the experience of designing it will further my appreciation for what a designer can and cannot achieve for the sake of meaningful visual communication.

Jen Millius

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