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New organizer brings fresh ideas to program

This term, playwright workshop has a new organizer: senior Meredith Noseworthy. Playwright workshop is student run and designed. This term has been particularly productive, since it coincides with Repertory Term, a term dedicated entirely to theatre, offered once every three years. It helps out the students in Rep Term, but also those who could not be involved in theatre this term for whatever reason. It also provides an interest to the first years, who cannot be involved in rep term.

“It’s for students interested in helping each other out, providing feedback, and provides an opportunity for continuing to hone their skills and crafts,” says Meredith Noseworthy.

Playwright workshop has been done regularly for the past two years. It was started through the Theatre Advisory Board (TAB), which has been around for the past twenty years. TAB is a group of six students serving as the liaison between the faculty and the student body. They meet weekly and make recommendations to the faculty such as what shows to approve each term. Students can come to them with concerns or questions. Its purpose is to aid student creation and enable open communication.

The intensity varies depending on the term, how many plays were submitted, and the commitment students are able to make. The workshop’s program is malleable, and can change from term to term. Winter term 2010 is more product-oriented than other terms, and may involve a final performance. E-mails were sent out last term, asking for plays and directors interested.

“We took whatever anybody gave us. It was a mix of comedies and more serious plays. It’s a nice spectrum of possibilities,” say Noseworthy.

Noseworthy is directing one of five plays in the workshop, called “Hush,” written by Junior Caroline Castro. Noseworthy says she first became interested in directing since taking Beginning Acting her freshman year. She became an assistant director the following fall her sophomore year, and she loved it.

“I became interested in the larger picture than when I was acting in high school,” she says.

Noseworthy was also assistant director of “Intimate Apparel,” a play at Knox in 2009. She also directed “Eurydice” from last term. She took a directing class, which was offered last term, and is generally offered every other year.

“It allowed me to get me to get my feet wet, and I hope to continue the experience,” she said.

Zoe Hatton

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