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I-Fair: you’re invited

Come out to see what your friends and classmates are doing for International Fair 2010. Our theme for this 29th I-Fair is Knocking Down Stereotypes. Recent events in Haiti have reminded us we should never take our comforts or even our very lives for granted. Getting through daily challenges can be made easier if we reach out to one another. At times like I-Fair, reaching out can also be fun.

I have the honor of working every day with students from this country and around the world who have chosen Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois as the place for some of the most formative growth of their lives. Part of this growth is the sharing of their cultures and experiences as they interact with others in the residence hall, the classroom and the larger Galesburg area community. When we live in the company of others, we find out who we are, what we believe and how much we are willing to learn. Looking deeply and with curiosity into the mirror of difference takes courage, but it has great rewards.

I salute all the students of Knox College who bring their idealism, energy and drive to inform to the collaborative production of the 29th International Fair. I encourage each of you to step outside of your comfort zone to spend time with someone you don’t know, to experience something you’ve never encountered, and to examine a point of view that may never have occurred to you. My deepest hope is that we can all do more of this, not just during International Fair, but all year long. Come try something new.

Cathy Walters

Director of International Student Advisement

Cathy Walters

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