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Knox students find new source of assistance

Last Friday, students gathered in the Intercultural Center to hear a talk about spirit guides. Amanda Geisser and Emily Berarducci, the president of the Pagan Student Alliance, led the talk.

Geisser first explained that a familiar was a spiritual companion, sometimes in the form of an animal, but sometimes in the form of someone who had died or some other kind of ethereal spirit. This guide was, as Geisser explained, an animal that you were drawn to. Animal spirit guides, originating from the Native American culture, represent qualities in yourself.

Geisser went on to say more about familiars and read various descriptions of animals from a list she had researched. The attendants of the workshop were then lead through a guided meditation by means of a detailed script describing an elaborate scene of the forest.

After the students were done meditating, there was a discussion of what the students experienced in their visions. Some students reported seeing a deer or a bat. Sophomore Megan Rose said that she saw a snake in her vision that slithered up to her, sat on her chest and then stuck his tongue in her ear. After this, she said a sheep had come near her and started mumbling to her. Geisser explained during the workshop that you could have multiple spirit guides and have different spirit guides at different periods of your life.

The workshop ended with the students playing a few rounds of charades, acting out various spirit animals.

Carolyn Hanig

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