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Letters from Rep Term

Sick. Sick. Sick.

That has been the theme for week three of Rep Term. I woke up Friday morning with pressure behind my eyes and a stuffy nose, and by the time I showed up at rehearsal that night, I was told that I looked like death and needed to go home. I spent the weekend surrounded by Kleenex and Nyquil. Not fun.

The rest of the company has been hit just as hard. Every day this past week there were around five people at home sick and a few more sniffling and coughing through classes and work call. As long as we get this whole sick thing out of the way now, nice and early, then that’s fine because the reality is that the shows open one month from last Tuesday. One. Month. Considering how quickly the first three weeks have flown by, one month is no time at all.

However, I’ve heard time and time again that we are right on track. The stumble-throughs of the first acts of both shows occurred last week, and all of the actors have made great progress and done tons of wonderful work with their characters. (Fun fact about your Rep Term friends: they were required to have each scene memorized after it was rehearsed once.)

The technical aspects of both shows are really coming together, too. New and exciting pieces of the set keep on appearing each time I enter Harbach. The costume shop has made two very productive shopping trips to buy fabric and costumes, and, on the costume crew, I am currently knitting armor. Yes, knitting armor. Each of the Principalities in Heaven is getting a knitted bodice that is supposed to resemble armor. I finished my first bodice in a little under ten work hours. There are seven Principalities. I foresee many, many more hours of knitting in my future. However, as far as work call hours go, I can think of a lot of worse ways I could spend those hours.

So send positive health vibes in the way of CFA, and we’ll keep plugging away.

Kristen Chmielewski

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