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Mysterious pink pyramid

Not much is known about the pink pyramid, which made an appearance in SMC A-107 sometime toward the end of fall term.

It stands about one inch larger than the classroom door on all sides. For students who had class in or around A-107, the pink pyramid was a slight inconvenience, but was mostly a source of confusion.

There were rumors spread amongst the SMC students regarding where the pyramid may have come from and why it was created. For students who rarely enter SMC, the pink pyramid was not known about until Xavier Romano sent a message to all students.

The email simply said there was a pink pyramid in SMC, which had been in there since fall term but was never claimed.

Casual labor tried to remove the pyramid but was unable to due to its enormous size. Xavier warned that if the pyramid was not removed by January 26, it would be dismantled and thrown away. The large pink pyramid was never claimed so the purpose of the pink pyramid remains a mystery.

Jennifer Lloyd

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