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Meeting in the Round Room of CFA last week, Student Senate convened with a myriad of items on the agenda, but one issue stood out at the onset in the minds of attendees. Labeled a ‘Campus Safety Update’ to be given by Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf, the new item of business was preceded by a campus-wide e-mail which only served to heighten speculation.

As the meeting began, it was announced Schlaf had been called away at the last minute, so the update was handled by Dean of Students Xavier Romano, who immediately began the update on the subject of security cameras on campus.

“Discussion has stopped, and we are now moving into implementation,” Dean Romano said.

Unable to give specifics of the system due to Schaf’s absence, Romano was able to say that the cameras would be ‘reactive’ in nature, meaning that there would be no actual surveillance being done of the cameras.

Rather, they would produce a video record which could be used to better investigate crimes after the fact.

As for the cameras themselves and their placement, Romano was again unable to say anything concrete, though mention was made that the system would survey the majority of the periphery of campus, including college owned properties all the way down West Street.

Some senators seemed to buck at the perceived decree nature of this update, but Vice President Trevor Sorensen pointed out that this was just the latest discussion in a series hosted in the chamber and that the administration had been coming to the student body with these concerns for years now.

As the discussion closed, Romano promised that Schlaf would be in attendance at next week’s meeting to provide specifics.

Sustainability Committee Chair Creal Zearing also presented a PowerPoint presentation about plastic water bottles on campus and plans to eliminate them, with the point of a future Green Fee application being considered.

Two Green Fee requests were approved, with $575.09 going to I-Fair for biodegradable plastic ware and $1,597.72 for 30 sleeping bags and 15 four-person tents.

Two additional funds requests also passed, with $300 going to the Gaming Information Network for a new Xbox 360 game system and $1,065 going to I-Club for I-Fair.

At the end of the meeting last week, the Student Senate Discretionary Fund had approximately $38,000 left for the rest of the year.

Andrew Polk

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