Campus / News / February 4, 2010

Conference returns to Knox this Friday

This Friday, the Third Annual Student Development at the Small College Drive-In Conference will bring representatives from other liberal arts schools to the Knox campus to discuss the topic of running a college.

Many colleges throughout the country have staff who attend Student Development conferences annually, though these conferences usually take place in major cities such as Washington D.C., Boston or San Francisco. In light of the recent economic crisis, many colleges have realized that they can no longer afford to fly their staff these long distances.

Three years ago, Dean of Students Xavier Romano helped to implement the idea of holding a Student Development conference at Knox instead of going elsewhere.

“What if we became the institute in the Midwest for practitioners to come to?” said Romano.

The first conference at Knox yielded 29 attendees, the second year had 34 and there are 57 people signed up this year from colleges mostly from the Midwest, but also as far as Colorado. Twelve different colleges will be represented this Friday.

The goals of the conference are to answer such questions as “How do we manage staffs and keep students safe and happy and what are the changes happening with the American college students?” said Romano.

Romano said another goal is to keep the conference limited to only liberal arts colleges, indicating that there is a different mind set between large and small schools that makes it harder to discuss key issues.

Sessions throughout the day for the conference include such themes as residential advisors, working with high-risk students and promoting a healthy campus.

Annie Zak

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