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I-Fair challenges stereotypes

International Fair (I-Fair) 2010 brought hundreds of people from dozens of countries together for a day filled with food, costumes, music and dance. The theme of this year’s I-Fair was “Breaking Down Stereotypes,” and most performances and booths were devoted to identifying stereotypes and seeking to correct misinformation about different cultures.

The morning began with the food fair where a large variety of food and drink was presented by 13 different clubs to be sampled by students, faculty, and Galesburgians alike. Following the food fair, the action shifted to the Center for Fine Arts for the I-Fair booths and the performances later in Kresge Recital Hall.

CFA was alive with the bright colors of students in their countries’ traditional dress. Twelve booths discussed everything from the state of gay rights in different countries and issues surrounding human trafficking to stereotypes about American blacks and modern culture in Japan.

Before the performances themselves was the parade of flags, in which the flags of 36 countries were presented and a representative of each greeted the audience in their native language.

Ben Reeves

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