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Moratorium on Greek social events due to Beta incident

In light of the arrest made by the Galesburg Police Department at a party at Beta Theta Pi on January 24, Dean of Students Xavier Romano has called for a moratorium on all Greek chapters. Beta Theta Pi has been in discussion with their national organization, Romano and their faculty advisor.

This moratorium means that there will be “no more fraternity or sorority social functions until I say so,” said Romano. “When one chapter falters, it reflects on everybody.”

Romano views this moratorium as a time to reflect on events at the Beta party and the Greek component of campus as a whole.

“It’s a time for everyone to take a time out and focus on what happened,” said Romano. He thinks that it would be unrealistic to have time to reflect on these issues with a full social calendar, and hopes that members of Greek organizations at Knox will think about the role that their organizations play in the community of the college and seriously consider what it means to be Greek.

Romano also said he was impressed with Beta Theta Pi’s decision to immediately call their national organization the morning after the incident to discuss rewriting their risk management policy.

“The fact that they’re doing this in conjunction with their national organization is very interesting and very cool,” said Romano.

As far as any further action taken toward Beta Theta Pi in response to their party, Romano said, “We don’t necessarily make those consequences public […] We are not certainly done with our investigation.” He said that separating fact from rumor is a key factor in any further investigation on the issue.

Some members of other Greek organizations have also been feeling the effects of the moratorium.

“It’s affecting us in the way that we’re having date party in a couple weeks,” said junior and Greek fraternity member Ryan Larson. “I don’t know why we’re kind of being punished along with whatever else is going on […] I feel bad for the Betas because they have one of the best security systems.”

Junior and Sigma Chi Magister Sam Martone said, “I’m disappointed and wish I knew what was going on more. But aside from that, I feel like if doing this is for a good reason, then I support it in that sense. We don’t know why there is this moratorium.”

Faculty members will also be taking another look at the Greek Task Force report from the last academic year to consider some of its recommendations.

Members of the faculty and each Greek organization will meet to discuss the issue further on Monday, February 15.

Annie Zak

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