Schlaf considers camera questions

Last week, Student Senate finally heard from Campus Safety Director John Schlaf on the issue of cameras being placed around campus.

While largely confirming what Dean of Students Xavier Romano had said the previous week, Schlaf was able to add that no cameras would be looking into residence halls. Some preliminary spots for cameras under investigation are around the intersection next to GDH, near Williston Hall and around parking lots down Academy Street.

Schlaf also discussed the role of Campus Safety officers on campus, with junior Safety and Services Chair Gabe Paz said, “The main function of Campus Safety Officers is to be available” to student needs on campus. Given the economic climate, Schlaf had been investigating better allocation of existing manpower as opposed to hiring additional staff.

Schlaf also made a point to discuss the armed assault that happened in weeks prior that set off the final decision to implement cameras. In his analysis of the incident, Schlaf said that the female student kept calm and made choices of action based on the situation as she saw it. Schlaf urged students to ensure that they are able to carry out the choices they make in similar situations.

“If you’re going to choose to run, you’d damn well [better] be able to run,” Schlaf said. Schlaf also mentioned the availability of self-defense seminars to any and all interested students.

At the start of the meeting, Romano apologized to the chamber as a whole for the ‘state of discourse’ he had created during the discussion last week.

“I was an ass,” Romano said, addressing comments he made to junior Senator Abraham Diekhans-Mears specifically in the previous meeting.

Finally, new regulations were passed regarding Special Interest Housing. The new criteria for ‘theme’ housing included five points of analysis: feasibility, application, interview, inclusiveness and originality and creativity.

With no additional funds requests this week, the discretionary fund remained at around $38,000 for the rest of the year.

Andrew Polk

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