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Classics Club and you!

Last year my roommate encouraged me to attend Classics Club. He said that one of the Classics professor was going to give a presentation and there was going to be a discussion afterwards as well as tea, cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

I went for the sandwiches, and now I’m Vice-president despite having only ever taken two Classics courses. Since that initial meeting Classics Club has evolved into a weekly meeting in the Common Room of Old Main – 4:30 on Tuesday for those of you interested – where we read a selection of classical literature, poetry, or history. Of course, the sandwiches remain.

At first I thought the main purpose of Classics Club was to provide free food and fun conversation on and off the topic of the reading.

However a soon gained a greater and greater appreciation of classical literature and history. Despite a small amount of formal education on the topics we discuss at club meetings, I am now able to speak with a certain amount of authority on topics of ancient Roman and Greek culture and history. Many long time attendees are able to do the same.

In fact, most club members have even less classical education than I do, though we have been successful in getting several people to take more classes in the Classics department.

Though I was a mere attendee when I first went to the club at the beginning of last year, I was soon arriving early to help with food preparation.

Now, as Vice-President, I create and put up posters, buy and prepare food and lead discussions. I also organized the Homerathon, the annual reading of the works of Homer. And I do all this despite the fact that I am a History major.

Sam Stacklin

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