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Letters From Rep Term: This week in rep term

According to Liz Carlin-Metz, we company members of Rep Term have entered the “old married couple stage” of the experience. 

While the familiarity and comfort level we feel amongst each other are excellent and are conducive to getting everything finished in the short amount of time we have left, tensions are running higher than ever before and some “old married couple” behavior has been occurring. 

I find myself reverting to more of the behavior of a toddler, though, like today when I theatrically stormed off before hearing that one of the knitted bodice pieces had been charred beyond repair and needed to be remade. It was nice, however, to fall upon the support system of the costume shop as they cheered on my knitting with more enthusiasm than usual, and it was good to feel appreciated.

That sentiment has been repeated very frequently lately — that people who step up to a challenge or fill in where needed feel as if they are getting recognized for their work, and I find that to be an exceptional accomplishment of our company and faculty. 

It is often too easy to focus on the negatives when the going gets tough and the amount of positivity that is being actively fostered is frankly commendable. And it is infinitely appreciated.

The shows open in two weeks, but the concept of time this term has gotten so skewed that I have a difficult time making sense of exactly what that means.  

It means that we have all had extra time added to our shop call hours and that we’ll now be meeting at night, too, in the final push to get projects done. It means that we’ve moved to the stage past running individual scenes and now are simply running the shows each night. It means that your already exhausted Rep Term friends are about to become even more exhausted.

But is also means that a lot of really exciting things are happening in CFA. Costumes are being finished. Set pieces are being painted. Scenes are clicking. The posters for the show will soon appear around campus and Galesburg. 

An awesome heaven wagon has appeared in the green room and has caused this Rep Termer to dance with delight. Everything is in motion, and it is much, much too late to turn back now. Not that any of us would want to.

Kristen Chmielewski

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