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Q&A House hosts masquerade

It was a Friday night, February 5. The masquerade began at nine, and ended when the clock struck 12. For those who did not have a ready-made or store-bought mask, masks were provided at the front door of Ferris Lounge.

Complete with a large projector screen and holographic image, the Lounge afforded plenty of floor-space to dance. The music varied from Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.” Refreshments were also provided.

There were anywhere from ten to fifteen students at a time, creating the environment of a small but close knit party.

The Queer and Ally house, a residence on Knox campus, hosted the event. Elizabeth McRill, one of six residents of the Q&A House, describes it as a safe place for queers and allies to stay.

Students may also come with questions about the queer community and learn how to become a good ally.

McRill is a sophomore hoping to major in international relations. As the only heterosexual in the house, she has lived there since her first year at Knox, and hopes to continue to stay there next year.

All the residents collaborated in the organization of the event. On January 31, the Q&A House hosted a mask workshop in preparation for the masquerade.

McRill says the masquerade started out as an idea for something to do in the winter.

“Why not a dance to break away from the typical boy/girl party?” she says. “Who doesn’t love masks?”

It was intended as a break from midterm. The Q&A House must host at least one event per term.

“This is the big one for the winter,” McRill says. “Last term we had a Halloween Bash.” Next term they hope to hold a picnic.

The masquerade had no specific theme, but the students added their own interpretation, wearing everything from a checkered mask to dressing as a pig or a swan or as a couple of ninjas.

Zoe Hatton

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