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2010 Winter Olympics in full swing

Last Friday night marked the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympic games. As of Feb. 17, the USA has won 10 medals.
The opening ceremony was long, as was to be expected, but filled with the rich culture of the Canadian people, incorporating Native American dancing, slam poetry, various songs and a flying acrobatic performance in which the dancer was lifted up above the audience.
During the procession of nations, some countries like China and France had around a hundred or so participants, but others, mainly ones who compete largely in the summer sports, only had one competitor.
I interviewed a few students around Knox to see how they felt about the Olympics. One of the questions I asked them was what sport would they like to see here at Knox College. Many of them said curling. One said bobsledding.
When asked what was her favorite sport, junior Brittney Ostlie said figure skating. She said she didn’t usually have any favorite skaters unless they were very good. She also said she’d like to see broom-ball played at Knox.
Elisa Hilderbrand, a senior, said her favorite sport was curling.
“I think it’s silly and it makes me laugh, but at the same time, I’m also kind of impressed by the way they are able to so precisely maneuver the puck just by brushing away at the ice,” she sad.
One student said luge would be cool, but in light of recent event at the Olympics (Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili, a competitor in the luge, died on the course during a practice run before the opening ceremonies), it does not seem like a likely option for Knox. Hopefully, there is still a chance for curling here at Knox College.
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Carolyn Hanig

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