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Chocolate Festival

The line curving down the Antique Mall’s staircase, going through the museum room and zigzagging through a gallery area was less than pleasant. However, the Galesburg Historical Society made it well worth the wait. The destination: the 24th annual Chocolate Festival.

For only $8, patrons were treated to all the chocolate they could eat, in nearly every form imaginable. Along one side of the room were several tables lined with chocolate offerings from several local businesses. Another side of the room had drinks, chocolate punch, coffee and water, while the third side boasted chocolate sculptures and raffle prizes. In the middle, a chocolate fondue fountain, surrounded by strawberries, angel-food cake, sugar wafers, and marshmallows kept the chocolate-lover satisfied.

One could choose from a vast array of chocolate desserts offered by the participating businesses. Among the most notable were chocolate fudge on top of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, chocolate-caramel fudge, chocolate bunt cake, double-fudge cake, chocolate-covered spice drops and chocolate popcorn. It was quite easy for one to fill their plate.

In addition to the abundance of chocolate in the room, the walls were also nicely decorated with red and white ribbons and designs to remind all those who attended of that weekend’s holiday: Valentine’s Day. Entertainment was also provided at the event by talented instrumentalists and vocalists.

The presentation was nice, the chocolate even nicer, and the stomachache one could incur afterwards was totally worth it.

The event was last Saturday and Sunday and all the money raised went to the Galesburg Historical Society. The society hosts several events in Galesburg and is active in preserving Galesburg’s historical past.

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