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This week in Rep Term

Right now, as I’m writing, I’m sitting in the drafting studio in CFA, of course, dressed in a nudie (a rather awful, flesh-colored spandex leotard) and a pink and yellow silk halter dress. Five minutes ago, I moved a gigantic panel so that an angel could make a grand entrance on stage. Fifteen minutes ago, I engaged in a frantic cat hunt after senior Sam Newport’s cat Gabby — making her acting debut in Angels as Little Sheba — hid herself very well in an impossibly tight corner, under boxes.

One hour ago, our entire company collectively bemoaned our papers, due at 2:33 tomorrow. An hour and a half ago, the other Principalities and I were told to stop giggling and act. The Rep Term fun never stops.

And like the clichéd snowball rolling down a hill, our schedules are just going to get busier and more hectic as we go into tech tomorrow. What that essentially means is that we’re going to be incorporating all of the technical elements of the shows, trying out light and sound cues, eventually incorporating makeup and costumes.

Plus, Angels’ audience will be treated to video effects interspersed throughout the play and transitions. There are a lot of different, complex elements for both shows, so I foresee some pretty long days in the very near future. However, there is nothing more thrilling than seeing your hard work combined with the hard work of your supervisors and peers. There is something in this amalgamation of skill and sweat and tears, in seeing for the first time how a costume looks under a certain lighting gobo, how a certain sound cue can complete a moment, that can reenergize even the most sleep-deprived, cranky Rep Termer.

Kristen Chmielewski

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