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Dance conveys powerful messages

As a preview to the Terpsichore show for winter term, four choreographers spoke about their dances in the show intended to delight, inspire and move audiences.

The dances featured range from light to heavy-hearted and represent a wide spectrum of familiar human emotions and stories conveyed through unfamiliar movements.

Junior Katie Walker choreographed a dance about “overcoming oppression” and rejecting negativity to rejoice in life and enjoy “freedom from all and any evil.” In choosing an inspiring song, “In the Beginning” by K’naan, Walker hopes that she “can inspire the audience and the dancers to be strong and persistent in their struggle for freedom from iniquity.”

Sophomore Jamie White choreographed a dance “influenced by the passing of loved ones, which has also been strengthened by the applied emotions from [his] dancers.”

His song of choice, Ingrid Michaelson’s “Corner of Your Heart,” sets the dance as “probably the only clearly sad dance in this term’s show,” adding to diversity of stories choreographers have created through their dances.

Senior Karin Rudd choreographed a piece that challenges what people think about classical music. She said she wonders how a composer, like Mozart, would feel if he saw her dance. “Would he think I was mocking it, or would he appreciate the new take on his music?”

On the show as a whole, Rudd said, “I’m excited about how happy this show is. It’s perfect for winter term blues. The audience should expect a (mostly) light-hearted show with some very talented students.”

White said he was excited to see the finished products of the dances featured in the winter term show, as “they each have their individual uniqueness that sets them apart from the other dances; especially the humorous and light-hearted ones.” White said students should “expect to see dances that are weird, fast-paced, experimental and laced with movement qualities that they have not witnessed from a Terpsichore show before.”

Junior Kylee Norville, a first-time choreographer for Terpsichore, helped create a ten person dance that shows how the outside world puts pressure on us. Norville’s dance about injustices of the world is performed along to “Scream” by Michael and Janet Jackson. Norville loves her participation in Terpsichore because, “You get to experience and participate in a very diverse collection of dancing.” Norville said that her fellow dancers’ talent and uniqueness are what make Terpsichore such a success. Terpsichore is “a very special opportunity that only a school like Knox can offer,.” said Norville.

The Terpsichore show for winter term will be performed on Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28, both at 7:30 p.m. in the Memorial Gym.

Sheena Leano

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