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Friday night fun and games for a cause

The Oak Room was filled last Friday evening with a diverse group of students playing board games and relaxing after a long week’s work. At first, Game Night, sponsored by Pi Beta Phi sorority and Sigma Chi fraternity, seemed like a middle-school dance, with those who came together playing together. However, as the night wore on, different groups of people diverged over heated games of Uno, Candy Land, Balderdash and Twister.

The event was held as a fundraiser for the Knox County Area Project (KCAP), an organization that supports youth programs in the area, specifically working to prevent delinquency.

Tickets for the event were $1 in advance and $2 at the door. In addition to selling tickets, the groups had change jars while tabling in Seymour Gallery for donations. In all, the event raised $265 for KCAP.

Around 30 people attended the event, no small feat for a group holding a fundraiser on a Friday night.

“[We] wanted to give people something to do, an event on campus,” said junior and vice president of philanthropy for Pi Phi Arianna Timko. “For a Friday night, I feel like there was definitely a good turnout.

“We wanted to do something fun for campus,” said Timko. “It was nice to have an event on campus that was for campus.”

In addition to the several Pi Phi and Sigma Chi students who came to the event, Timko said there were students from other Greek organizations as well as several unaffiliated students there to enjoy the night. In addition to the games, there was music and treats baked by the Pi Phi’s for those who attended.

In addition to the informal games for “bragging rights,” there was also a Twister tournament between Sigma Chi and Pi Phi. Though a small controversy erupted over the regulations, Pi Phi’s were pronounced winners. Overall, however, the night was fairly low-key.

“It was very chill, which was good,” said Timko.

Currently, Pi Phi is working with Delta Delta Delta sorority in organizing a dress drive on campus for Fairy Godmother Fashions, a local organization that provides dresses for formal dances female high school students with who might not otherwise be able to afford them. The dresses can be rented for free and are then dry-cleaned and returned to the organization so they can be used several times.

“It’s nice to ask people for things that isn’t money,” said Timko. “It’s a way people our age can give easier than monetarily.”

She is hoping that students will go home over break and bring back their old dresses for the drive, which will take place at the beginning of spring term.

Laura Miller

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